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TCI has proven to be a very dependable trucking company. This is highlighted by their excellent communication and sense of urgency on every shipment. Their dispatchers and customer service reps have proven to be very trustworthy and customer oriented. Bottom line I would recommend them to anybody looking for great rates and no excuses get it done service.”

Nick Anderson
B4 Logistics, Inc.

Testimonial Quotation


For the past 5 years, TCI has been a great partner and absolutely vital in the development of our international shipping business. They have an excellent track record of picking up and delivering our loads on time without issue. Their dispatchers and load planners are always happy to help with whatever we throw their way, and are true experts in the industry.

I would recommend TCI to anyone, but especially those who have been in the industry a while and know how difficult international shipping can be. They are amazing at what they do. I consider the relationship we have with TCI to be a great asset to handle our most demanding loads, and I think our customers would agree!”

Matt Furnish, Senior Trans Rep
C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.

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TCI is more than a transportation company, they are a professional family. They have given CH Robinson an opportunity to build and grow our business throughout years of dedicated partnership and loyalty. Not only have they raised service standards due to their experienced drivers and flexibility, but they have improved load planning given their educated employees and knowledge of the industry. When I think of TCI, I do not think trucking company, I think relationship.

Lauren Lomeli C.H. Robinson Worldwide, INC.

Testimonial Quotation· TCI Brings Excellent service

· TCI keep us updated of their operations
· Immediate response to all requirements.
· Sufficient equipment available
· They understand the concept of communication.
· Great carrier for expedited loads.
· TCI team is kind and accessible at all time.
· They know how to follow instructions.
· On time delivery.”

Veronica Hernandez
Johnson Controls BE Manufactura Mexico, S. de R.L
Logistics Coordinator

Testimonial Quotation


Over the course of several years now, TCI has had the opportunity to haul many of our loads. Without question or equivocation, their service has been second to none. Thier drivers have been very cooperative from pick-up to delivery, making themselves an integral part of the TCI transportation team – never difficult to get in touch with; realizing that they are the face of TCI.

As far as the office staff, whoever answers your call can take care of you. You never hear, “I’m busy doing something else, can someone else help you”. From the Operations Manger, to customer service, to the expeditors, to the dispatchers themselves, it’s easy to tell that they work together as one big hand. It is truly a pleasure to do business with TCI.”

Brent Hall, Co-owner
All Trans Services, Inc.

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TCI has done an excellent job servicing Komatsu with shipments from our Mexican supplier Acerlan Foundry. I can not think of a better transportation service.

They have great flexibility and adaptability as our shipments are sometimes expedited and delivery points may have to be changed inroute… from the office to the drivers…they are simply the best!”

Kathy Kerker, Senior Buyer
Komatsu America Corporation